Thursday, May 03, 2007

Deceit - on NPR

My first ever live radio appearance has been archived on the NRP website. I was interviewed by Ben Furstenberg about billboard correction and signage related pranks, for his show. Click the link below to listen to me and several other "experts" giving their take on "Deceit"

The ins and outs, the ups and downs, the good and bad of deceit: that was what Neighborhood Public Radio was all about in April.

“Pranks, lies and conspiracies, corporate malfeasance, government collusion, interpersonal dishonesties, religious institutions,” said Ben Furstenberg at the outset of the day, it’s all deceit. Furstenberg curated this month’s broadcast at Southern Exposure.

Music, lies, talk about lies, talk about honesty…it’s all laid out below for your listening pleasure from the pranksters on the mic on April 14th 2007.

“Respectable Citizen” opened the day with their brand of experimental electronic music. Bruce Bennett, Byron Deal and Michael Zbyszynski filled the gallery and the airwaves with swirling sounds and monk-like chanting.

link to the audio file:
RC06- Deceit

links to sign pranksters:
rob cockerman
billboard liberation front
ron english
graffiti research lab
packard jennings

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