Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Extra Action Marching Band

So it always happens... whenever I run in to someone I haven't see for a while, they ask "what's up with the marching band?... are you guys still playing?"

we (EAMB) took a well-deserved break this year from about October until... now.
During our break from playing shows we didn't just sit on our asses, we came up with a new game plan to help us continue doing what we love.... playing sweaty, dirty, funky, loud-ass music, that makes people dance their the fucking asses off.
we've got some new songs some new moves and a pile of shows coming up before we shove off to Europe this summer.

Here's a summery:

1.New boots! Our good friends at Dr. Martin thought it would be cool to outfit us with matching marching footwear.
EAMB Dr. Martens
2. We're all over web 2.0, and our pal Lane was published in JPEG magazine with her photos from our Halloween show.
Lane's photo on diggnation
the video
EAMB on:

3.New practice space - Soundwave Studios. It's the same place that Metallica, Primus, Digital Underground, and Faith No More started.

4. New web site! Wiley Evans writes our music, books our gigs, lays down the bass line tuba thunder, sews our flags.... and somehow still finds time to be a dad, husband, 9-5 worker bee...and design our new web site! He rocks like no other!

5. We're in the middle of planning our European invasion. In late June we'll be crossing the Atlantic to party down and "rawk aught" with much force.

So check out our calender, and come out to see us in the next couple of months.

EAMB with Golem this Friday

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