Sunday, April 30, 2006

Recyled Signs for Drinkers

Here's a set of coasters that I made from some rejected engraved signs.
I work with this stuff a lot everyday, and I've been trying for a while to figure out a way to stop throwing the scraps/leftovers/extras/rejects away. These are made from four 2" tiles of engraving stock mounted to another 4" tile of engraving stock. Then I use a template to give them a smooth routed edge and a radius corner. The uneven surface of the tiles, keeps the bottom of your cocktail glass from sticking to the coaster when you take a drink.
The best part about this project, is that it keeps a little bit of petroleum-based plastic out of our landfills.

more one-of-a-kind designs here:
Recyled Signs for Drinkers

the back sides of these coaster are not as pretty.


Jackson said...

Those are hot. Isn't there a local shop that sells nothing but handcrafted items? I wouldn't be surprised if a place like Design Within Reach would be willing to sell those...

Zieak said...

I may not be enough (demand) but I demand you make some available!

pauric said...

you could put corkboard on the back, here's an instructable I did on wooden coasters

Where do you get the signs?

They'd make nice tiles for the top of a coffee table

peterthomsen said...

great coasters courtney. do you have any for sale now?

check out if you haven't already. would be a good place to share your wares. there is an artist, Boris Bally, who is making similar coasters and selling them at

good luck with the project

Anonymous said...

Demand? I suspect there would be. Those probably would have sold quite well at the Makers Faire in the Craft section. Hell I'd have bought some :)