Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Been Gay?

Exodus International has started issuing "cease and desist" letters to people who make fun of their billboard campaign that spreads their "cure for gay" message.
Justinsomia got this one from these guys for this sign.

great quote from Zortnac
who also has some great parodies of the sign in question.
Empty Legal Threats Are Fun!
Everyone's favorite Ex-Gay ministry has put up some billboards in the mid-west advertising their product (a nicely packaged lie), with a new "Gay? Unhappy?" campaign. I mean, I have to admit, I am gay, and I am sometimes unhappy. I was unhappy just the other night when I was in the lab at 3 AM and the results from my project weren't coming out right. Just last week I was damn unhappy when I got another parking ticket! BLAST YOU STREET SWEEPING!!! So...does this mean that exodus has a solution to both my parking tickets and my statistical tests for a school project? If I go to the website and find that they don't....I'm going to be pretty unhappy.

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Anonymous said...

haha thats pretty funny, you should ask them if they can pay for your ticket.