Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Braille Round up

I would guess that over seventy-five percent of the work I do every day has something to do with ADA compliance. Although Priority Architectural Graphics is nearly a full service sign shop, ADA signage including braille is our niche. That said, I thought it would be nice to share some of my resources here. These links are on my del.icio.us page that I try to update whenever I get a chance. If this interests you, bookmark it, and check back for updates. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated too.

The American Braille Career School
Braille school

Not Vanilla
T-shirts that are meant to be touched, with braille messages screen printed on them.

Ototenji - Sound Braille
A device that helps sighted people learn braille (Japanese)

Includes a cell phone, a wireless headset, a Global Positioning System (GPS) module and voice recognition software.

The braille computer mouse
A refreshable braille display built into a mouse.

Bendable braille e-paper
A bendable braille display that can be incorporated into e-books, prepaid cards and household appliances.

Chocolate Braille Gifts
Greeting cards made of chocolate with embossed braille messages.

Free Braille True Type
Free braille font to install on your computer.

Braille Jewelry
Pins, earrings and bracelets that are embossed with braille messages.

You've Got Braille
An easy to read braille key.

Sendero Group
Maker of GPS systems for the blind.

French bath and beauty product company. The labels on their products have embossed braille, and they sponsor vocation programs for the blind.

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