Monday, November 14, 2005

Kinsy Institute Sign for Sale on Ebay

from boingboing

according to the seller...
This is the original outdoor sign used by Kinsey's Institute for Sex Research when they moved to Indiana University's Jordan Hall in 1955. This is a one of a kind item and I have no idea where this auction will go so I have started with a low opening bid and no reserve. The sign is metal with plenty of surface rust and dirt. I have not tried to clean it and will leave any restoration effort up to the winning bidder. The sign weighs 15 lbs. and measures 20" high and 30" wide.

I'm going to follow the bidding until the final sale. It's already going up at a rate of one dollar per min.
11/14/05 - 9:15am - $270.50
11/14/05 - 9:30am - $355.00
11/14/05 - 3:00pm - $760.00

thanks Pesco

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