Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Byrne'n down the house

I've been slow to post over the past few days because I've been on tour with my band in SOCAL playing with
David Byrne. Here's how it went...

We kicked off the tour Friday at the Berkeley ship yard; How to the Destroy Universe
then we piled into our home on wheels for the weekend, a
a 1960 biodiesel bus. For our first gig in LA, we crashed the Yard Dogs performance at the
Long Beach Tattoo Convention aboard the Queen Mary. The crowd was very uptite, and either too cool to shake the booty, or too sore from getting tattooed to move. Then we were off to an art gallery to make a suprise guest appearance, where we played until 2am. Sunday we made our way to the Hollywood Bowl for soundcheck at noon.
Eventually at about 10:15pm we marched, playing through the crowd to the stage. The moment that we had all been waiting months for was finally here. As we made it to the stage the drummers sat in with David Byrne on a Cole Porter tune called "Don't Fence Me In". Then the horns joined in for "Burning Down the House" and finally the show ended with Beyonce's "Crazy in Love". After plenty of after-show drinks, we hopped back on the bus, and headed to a beach outside of San Diego for some beach camping.
The next day we enjoyed a few hours on the beach including surfing. Then it was off to Humphrey's for another great evening with David Byrne. After the show, we packed it up one more time and drove accross town to play another gig at The Casba, where we proceed to "Tear the Roof Off!" then it was off to a nice clean hotel with real beds and showers, some of us passed out there, others went on the after party, and the after after party, and some including myself jumped on a plane to get back in time for work the next day.
That's why we're called Extra Action.


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