Saturday, April 23, 2005

Uncommon Goods

So, today I received a catalog in the mail from UncommonGoods. I was happy to see more recycled sign products, specifically
reflective cuffs. Designed and hand-made by Stephen Hartzler to help cyclists ride more safely at night. Available in stop sign red and street sign green.

Also on their site but not in their catalog, the "Don't Walk Chair"
from John Carter.
and a street sign chair from Borris Bally, whose work, I actually had the pleasure of seeing in real life a few years ago here in San francisco.

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stephen hartzler said...

i'm glad the signtist likes them, ? did he buy one yet ?

if not, i'll send u one. complimentary, of course.

? what's your wrist size ?
? what's your 3 fav. colors ?

stephen hartzler

-website is w.i.p.-
round 1 style

please visit it, and offer your thoughts

and thanks for the compliment

Scratch Map said...

I'm a big fan of uncommon goods. This time again they rock. Thanks guys for sharing this cool stuff.