Friday, January 14, 2005


I went for the first time on wed. ipod shuffle, minmac, Tiger, all amazing!
...but I really didn't hink that I would run into any other sign guys there.
That's when I saw the ImagoZ booth. This software is awesome!!
i couldn't believe my eyes, as I talked to Jason Fairless of SignCraft magazine
fame, he digitized a logo in about 8 min. The same logo would have taken me about 45 min.
using Flexisign or Casmate, and about 4 hours using Illustrator/Streamline.
If that's not enough, it also recognizes fonts within scanned images. It will define and replace
a sloppy scanned line of text, provided you own the font. If you don't, it still defines it, and gives
you several alternative font names, pulled from an data base of about 30,000 fonts

Sign Making Software - Procut Plus


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